20180316 Torbjorn SvD

Torbjörn Becker on the Russian Economy in Svenska Dagbladet

Torbjörn Becker has contributed an article in Swedish on the Russian economy in Svenska Dagbladet’s blog ‘Säkerhetsrådet’.

In the article, Torbjörn Becker provides an overview of the economic progress Russia has made since 2000 as well as an economic scorecard of Putin’s first three tenures in the Kremlin. He uses this analysis to discuss what can be expected for the coming six years if Putin will be elected president again.

Torbjörn Becker concludes that progress during Putin’s years in office has been modest at best. In order to generate growth in his upcoming presidential term, Putin and his team will need to address the significant needs for reforms in the institutions that form the basis for modern market economies. Otherwise, Russia will continue to be hostage to the whims of the international oil market and eventually lose most of its exports and government revenues as the world moves towards a carbon-free future.

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