Interview with Torbjorn Becker

SITE’s Director Torbjörn Becker interviewed by Dagens Industri TV

Last week Dagens Industri TV invited our Director Torbjörn Becker, where he commented on Russia’s current economic situation and the impact it has on the rest of the world.

During 2019-06-20, President Vladimir Putin had his annual national TV-interview in Russia. An annual Q&A-interview which gave an opportunity for the Russian citizens to question President Putins alleged kleptocracy. In context to this matter, our Director Torbjörn Becker was invited to Dagens Industri TV, to share his thoughts and comments on Russia’s current economic situation.

Watch the full (in Swedish) interview here.

To further understand this topic, please read Torbjörn Beckers working paper here.

Screen shot image during DI TV’s interview with Torbjörn Becker.