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Brown Bag Seminar with Andreas Menzel, CERGE-EI in Prague

SITE will host a research seminar with Andreas Menzel, CERGI-EL in Prague.

Andreas Menzel is an Assistant Professor at CERGE-EI in Prague. His research interest lies in the area of Development, Growth, Organizational and Labor Economics.

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Data from 70 large export-oriented garment manufacturers in Bangladesh show that gender wage gaps are similar to those found in higher-income countries. Women’s wages are 20 percent lower than men’s and are 8 percent lower among narrowly-defined production workers; a gap remains even after controlling for very precisely measured skills. Longer careers of men in the sector explain around half of the wage gap, with the other half due in roughly equal parts to differences in internal and across-factory promotions. Our results are most consistent with broader gender norms, beyond gendered household responsibilities, driving the gap.

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