20170530 SITE seminar with William Fuchs Image 01

Brown Bag Seminar with William Fuchs, Berkeley

SITE will host a research seminar “Optimal Arrangements for Distribution in Developing Markets: Theory and Evidence” with William Fuchs, Berkeley.

William Fuchs is Assistant Professor at the UC Berkeley Haas Finance Group. Prior to that, he was Assistant Professor and Thornber Research Fellow in the Department of Economics, University of Chicago. William Fuchs has a PhD in Economics from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

His research focuses on situations with a poor contractual environment due to asymmetric information or lack of formal enforcement. He studies how repeated interactions or policies can be used to partially overcome the underlying frictions. His work is mostly theoretical and carried out at a relatively high level of abstraction, but the insights gathered can be widely applied from the design of transnational institutions to the design of contracts within an organization, and the regulation of diverse markets by governments.

More information about William Fuchs and his research can be found on his personal website.