20180528 International workshop featured image

Moscow: International Workshop on Competition, Regulation and Procurement

SITE is co-organising an international workshop on competition, regulation and procurement at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow. The workshop will feature prominent researchers, one of which is key note speaker Giancarlo Spagnolo, Senior Researcher at SITE.

Competition is an essential force to deliver economic efficiency and innovation leading to a higher level of consumer welfare. In most markets, however, competition may not emerge naturally, and may need to be promoted by proper rules followed by effective enforcement. Once emerged, unregulated competition may produce a number of unwanted effects, from quality degradation to self-destruction through cartelization. Industry heterogeneity, limited contractibility, and firms legal and illegal attempts to avoid competitive pressure make this task all but easy. Public procurement adds a major additional leyer of complexity coming from the need to ensure the buyer’s accountability, given that the state is not particularly subject to competitive pressure nor very keen in monitoring itself. The international workshop aims both to stimulate research on these important topics and to disseminate the results of it to lay public, to lawmakers and to practitioners.

Read more about the workshop, speakers and topics discussed during the workshop in the program.