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N.G.O. Workshop

SITE and the N.G.O. Network jointly organize this year’s edition of the annual N.G.O. workshop on June 19-20. The workshop will focus on the organizational and contractual aspects of the provision of public goods and services by organizations that are neither purely for-profit nor public-sector.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are becoming major actors in development cooperation: they have increased both in number and in size in the last decades. The share of public aid channeled through NGOs has increased, and the role of charities and so called private aid is even larger and faster-growing – in 2014, it was estimated to 45-65 US billions in 2014, which is more than the total of aid from the World Bank. Outside the developing world, NGOs, social enterprises and the other actors that exist in-between public and private sector are also gaining increasing importance in areas such as public health, education, social inequality, and environmental pollution. Public and private initiatives increasingly recognize them as a means of addressing a wide range of social needs, and seek to encourage and support them.

Studying and understanding the type of actors and organizations described above requires tools from different fields within economics. On June 19-20, SITE and the N.G.O. network will bring together leading academic researchers from European and North American universities that are involved in cutting-edge theoretical, empirical and experimental work in this broad area of economic research.

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop and the generation of new fruitful ideas and projects! Register here.

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