20180129 SITE Seminar with Johannes Buggle

Job Market Seminar with Johannes Buggle, HEC Lausanne

SITE will host a job market seminar “Growing Collectivism: Irrigation, Group Conformity, and Technological Divergence” with Johannes Buggle, HEC Lausanne.

Johannes Buggle is a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Economics at HEC Lausanne. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Sciences Po, a Master in Economics from Sciences Po, a Master in Quantitative Economics from Paris Sorbonne & UA Barcelona and a B.Sc. (with honors) in Economics from the University of Konstanz. His research interests are in economic growth and development, economic history and political economy.

In his Job Market Paper “Growing Collectivism: Irrigation, Group Conformity and Technological Divergence” he examines the origins of collectivist cultures that emphasize group conformity over individual autonomy.

To find out more about Johannes Buggle, visit his website.